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The · Young · Adventures · of · Jack · Sparrow

1x02 - Unnamed

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Scene 1: Jail (Rough Outline)
Jack, who’s starting to look a bit worse for wear, is still stuck in gaol. He’s got the other two prisoners (older, grisly men) in his cell listening spell-bound as he recounts a tale involving Sirens (mermaids? And giant sea turtles!), which is interrupted when two guards come to escort him to his trial. They drag him past Beckett, and Jack breaks away for a second to go over and be all friendly, but Beckett isn’t having any of it, and Jack’s dragged to (how were British courts set up during this time? Is there a jury?) Will have to find out. However, Jack should be “dead-on” during his part – he’s probably sober for once having spent the better part of 2 days in gaol.

Scene 2: Courthouse (Rough Outline)
Trial – judge is pronouncing sentence when Jack pipes up and points out that there’s nothing as saying that he was the one what stole the goods, is there? So the EI guards are called forward and questioned; they hem and haw, not wanting to admit they had helped Jack load the goods in the first place, and the judge, scowling, dismisses the case. Jack once again tries to be friendly to Beckett who stalks out with a muttered “this isn’t over between us”. Jack shrugs, and invites the EI guards for a round of drinks, on him. The guards agree, Jack slings an arm around one and steals his purse with the other. It’s dropped into one of his hidden pockets and off they go.

Scene 3: Pub (Rough Outline)
Fairly decent pub. Jack steers the discussion to what might have happened to the other pile of goods. Learns the original sellers reclaimed them. Flirts with bar maid, or rather gets molested. Jack does actually seem to get along with ladies at least the first time. It’s afterwards that they seem to despise him. But I like the thought of a young Jack being molested. Now the question becomes, does he have bad breath or is it all the rum on his breath that people hate so much? (meets Bootstrap Bill? Joins a card/dice game? Does jack gamble? We’ve never seen him with either dice or cards. Would he be any good? Cheat? Or are card tricks a non-pirate rogue skill like lockpicking. If he joins a game, obviously win or lose trouble occurs. Maybe bill could rescue him. Jack can get accused of cheating before the game really starts. He looks the sort that would, but I would be inclined to say benefit of the doubt and never make it clear whether or not he’s cheating. We can have William Turner come to his rescue. They can be about the same age even, although maybe William is a little older, and courting a pretty lady so he can have that son of his. William we’ll make an honest sailor. Heck, Jack should be anyway for the most part. But we should probably end up with William far in the future coming to sail with his buddy Jack and be part of the crew when Jack does his E.I. thing and gets pirate-branded by beckett. Savvy?)

Scene 4: Town (Rough Outline)
Jack goes looking (with Bill?) for original sellers. Finds them, but they demand more money. Jack doesn’t have any (lost it all last night gambling?). “Well, might be as there’s something else you could be doing for us in exchange.” Jack agrees.

Scene 5: Jungle (Rough Outline)
Jack (strolling) and Bill (struggling) are walking through jungle, Jack in the lead and holding a map, which he keeps turning as if not certain which way is supposed to be north. Bill catches up and asks “which way now” and Jack, not looking up from the map, points and says “that way” decisively, looks up, notices ‘that way’ is through a wide tree, turns 90 degree’s and says “this way” and starts off again.

Scene 6: Village (Rough Outline)
Jack and Bill (amazingly) reach a small native village. Drawing many a curious stare, they make their way to the hut of the chieftain, where Jack explains that they’ve been sent by buyers to solve whatever problem they’ve been having harvesting whatever crop it is that the buyers are buying. Despite some communication problems, the message is conveyed, and Jack and Bill are led a little ways outside of the village. The chief points to the ground, says something in his tongue (possibly a prayer), and leaves them. Jack and Bill exchange a glance, Bill shrugs, and they both peer down at the ground, where a large paw print is visible.

Scene 7: Jungle (Rough Outline)
I'm thinking they (well, Bill mostly) dig a pit, and then Jack has to lure the tiger to it (perhaps he lost a coin toss?).

"Here kitty kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty. Nice little kitty. Come to daddy."

They find the tiger and Jack beings luring it back towards the pit.

"Who's a pretty kitty? Yes, you are. Such a nice kitty. With such lovely striping."

"Jack, stop flirting with the damned thing and lead it a bit more to the right."

"Don't you listen to that mean boy, yer jest gorgeous, you are.” To Bill, “You know, they say that every tiger has a different pattern of stripes."

"I think that's zebras."


"Aye. It's zebras."

"I'd swear it was tigers. Well, we'll just have to catch a second tiger for the purposes of comparison."

“We are not catching another tiger. We haven’t even caught this one yet.”

Jack falls into pit? In any case, they catch the tiger and return.

Scene 8: Random Port (Rough Outline)
Jack is rowing back to his captain, now with the correct goods stowed in his longboat. Trade is made.

End (does this need to be split into 2 episodes?)
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On July 24th, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC), kittymaru commented:
I'm not sure I made it clear I want to call Bill WIlliam. Mostly because I remember jack saying something to Will about being one of the few who knew his father as William Turner and not Bootstrap Bill.
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On July 24th, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC), gorbe_beryl replied:
So he did. Err, I sent you an email - I'm not sure I want to introduce William quite this early.
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