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Kristen's fault

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"Jack," Captain says reprovingly, once Jack's answered his summons and is ensconced in his private cabin. Jack bites his lip, trying to think back to what he might've done recently to cause such a tone. It's a long list, so he misses a fair bit of the dressing down. He comes to attention again when the Captain opens a drawer, the clinking of miscellaneous items bumping into each other as it rolls open breaking into his thoughts.

The Captain removes a bunch or papers, tied together with lavender ribbon and smelling faintly of lilac. "Can you tell me why I received this letter from a," he glances at the top sheet, "Miss Fairgoode, forbidding me from making our upcoming trip around the Horn because," he rifles through the papers until he finds the section he wants, "it would delay our -your- nuptials unforgivably and require the marriage to be performed unfashionably late in the season." He fixes Jack with a hard stare. "I was unaware, Mister Sparrow, that you were engaged."

"I'm not, sir, as it were."

"Then how do you explain this?" He frowns. "If you've been leading this girl astray..."

"No, sir. I'd never. 'sides, she'd slap me silly if I put so much as a finger out of place." Seeing the captain still looking confused, Jack continues, "We've known each other since I was," Jack pats the air besides him, trying to figure out what his height had been the day they met. "And one morning she just got it into her head that we were going to be married." Jack shrugs. "I tried to let her down gently-" he'd actually snuck out the back of the shop "-but she wouldn't be dissuaded."

"Hmph," the Captain grunts. He eyes Jack for a moment, hesitating, then decides against trying for a more coherent accounting. "I expect you to clear this matter up. I do not wish to receive another letter from Miss Fairgoode. Is that understood?"

"Perfectly!" Jack ducks his head in a brief bow, and makes his escape.
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On August 14th, 2006 12:20 am (UTC), kittymaru commented:
That made me smile. Thank you so much, I really needed it.

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