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The · Young · Adventures · of · Jack · Sparrow

1x01 - Unnamed

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Scene 1: East India Trading Company Offices (Rough Draft)
He steps into the office head held high and posture perfect, with nary a glance for the liveried servant (I know this won’t go over well, but I have a feeling the servant should be black - I agree) holding the French glass doors open for him. Comes to a halt a few paces inside the room and waits, hands clasped behind his back, to be recognized. His clothes, while several years out of fashion, are impeccable - (need description of what would he be wearing).

Behind the desk, Richard de Vere, Esquire, continues to write, his quill scratching across parchment, pausing occasionally to dip the tip in the bottle of ink that sits by his elbow. The letter finished, he lifts it and blows gently to dry the ink. Only after it has been folded and sealed with the East India Trading Company signet does he turn his attention to the waiting man. “Mister Cutler Beckett?”

“Sir.” Beckett inclines his head in a polite bow. “You requested my presence?”

de Vere ignores the question; touches a piece of paper on his desk. “Lord Whittington gives you high recommendations indeed.”

“Sir,” Beckett says again with a slight deferential nod.

Richard de Vere’s lips twist in amusement and distaste. “Lord Whittington is a fool.” He leans back in his chair, steepling his fingers in front of him and raising an eyebrow. A heavy gold ring adorns his left hand. There is no response from Beckett, neither emotion nor movement. “In any case, there is a shipment of silk from our factory in Surat which requires escort to the port of Jamaica. The goods are a commission from the governor, a close personal friend of our very own Director Name2 (Wolfe? You should make suggestions too). I expect you to see that these goods are delivered on time and in good order. You understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Beckett says, confident. “You can rely on me.”

Scene 2: Port of Jamaica (Rough Outline)
Ship, pulling into port, Beckett visible on deck. The sun is beginning to set as they dock. Beckett orders the crates of silk unloaded and guards set until they can be delivered in the morning. As he walks away from the pier, another ship can be seen tethered off-shore, the Merchant Ship (Highwind – I know, Final Fantasy, Zephyr? – There’s something I like about that too – HELP!!). Camera zooms in on ship where we see a young Jack Sparrow acting as deck hand. (descript – Not so dirty, maybe even go so far as mostly combed hair?? Not so drunk, and uhm, not suffering from overexposure to heat and sun – overall: less goofy, but just as witty and smart-mouthed

(Merchant or Smuggler’s?) ship, disguised as a shipping company (needs a name. could even be cheesy like “The Royale Trade Merchant Company” or some other combination of those words. Or perhaps a shipping company vessel that’s taken on some extra curricular for the money.

Young Jack (need an age range – 20ish? He has to be old enough yet young enough to be impressionable to an extent. We should definitely cover firsts, too…) gets important job from HIS Captain (Captain Z) to pick up goods at dock (Why Jack? Maybe we could actually reason that Jack seems wholesome enough to not be mistaken for the rogueish sort or that he’s apparently proven himself before. In which case we might want to make a reference to it)– the smuggled goods (I’m thinking cloths, expensive spices, stuff that the EITC would actually carry.) Meanwhile, another boat from the smuggler’s ship will go out to get the goods for their regular, licensed transport jobs.

Scene 3: Port of Jamaica (Rough Outline)
Unfortunately for Jack, he hasn’t yet learned his limits when it comes to rum – will he ever?. Jack rows out towards dock, drops bottle in a momentary drunken act of stupidity. While leaning over to get bottle, boat shifts course slightly for next pier, Jack straightens out and resumes rowing, now aimed at the wrong pier. Climbs out of boat and staggers into guards (the very same guards hired by Beckett. Jack does his Jack-thing and soon enough the guards are helping to load the East India goods into the rowboat/ dinghy/ something larger. Jack gives them a sloppy salute and heads back to his ship.'

Scene 4: Random port (Rough Outline)
Captain puts in at a small port a few days sail upshore, they meet the buyers (who?) who demand to see the goods. The goods are unpacked and revealed to be the wrong goods. (maybe a fight breaks out, hostages taken – no, that’s totally bad business. We’re not that unsavory yet…) Jack is sent back with the East India goods and told he'd better return with the right ones. (I can see Jack being pretty honorable. He is in a way and is a very poor pirate because he’s needy and needs people, even if he pretends he really doesn’t want any friends, but I’m rambling.)

Scene 5: Port of Jamaica (Rough Outline)
Jack rows back into port, muttering to himself. Goes to the original pier where HIS goods should be and finds them missing. Jack asks around, learns that the Captain of the East India ship is still in port and has turned out the guards looking for the thieves/pirates who stole his goods. Jack knows he needs to return the goods, but also knows if he tries to do it honestly he'll be arrested, so he devises the cunning plan of sneaking aboard the East India ship at night and returning them then. He almost pulls it off, but (something goes wrong – knocks over a lantern, trips over something unnaturally large and furry, becomes distracted by rum?) and he ends up caught by the same guards he'd persuaded into helping him. they drag him in front of Beckett, who has him thrown in gaol.

Jack’s story? He found the goods and knew who they belonged to so decided to return then, but was afraid of being arrested as the thief. He knows how well the law works – or so he claims. Where did he find them? Misplaced on HIS pier, pier A, and his own goods are in fact missing.

End Adventure the First
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On July 24th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC), gorbe_beryl commented:
I vote we give Richard de Vere a brother named Edward.
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On July 24th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC), kittymaru replied:
What if his decendants come and crush us for all the money we don't have?

I say we alter the spelling to

"de Ver"
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On July 24th, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC), gorbe_beryl commented:
shipping company name
How about the Merchant-Venturer Trade Company?
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On July 24th, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC), kittymaru replied:
Re: shipping company name
okay. I just keep thinking "For glory, God, and gold and the Virginia Company." Which means I've seen the Disney Pocahontas more than one time too many.
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